AAG Generic One Column Page

Developer Notes

  • Page Types have been created using Sitecore's Page Branches feature which lets us define preconfigured pages for Content Authors.
  • These page types can be used as a template to create pages, are available in insert options list on the website.
  • When a page is created using these templates then it will already have the Page Design set, predefined components added and their datasource items created locally. 
  • Generic One Column Page creates a page where the main area is One Column with Hero and Content Spot components.
  • This page branch is based on One Column Page template which inherits the Page template which has all the custom meta data fields.
  • Pre-defined Component details:
    • Base Hero variant of EH Hero is applicable here; local data - source item name - Base Hero.
    • Content Spot has been added; local data - source item name - Content Spot.
  • Header and Footer are rendered using Generic One Column page design.
  • CAs have the ability to add new components and even remove/edit the pre-rendered ones on a specific page in EE.
  • A screenshot of the page is shown HERE, the pre-rendered components are highlighted in the image.
  • Most pages in AAG site can be built using Generic One Column template.
  • Additional Section Container component needs to be added under Main placeholder if CA wants to add a component that has full width.
  • CA still will be able to create two column layout by utilizing Container component. Add two Container components and adjust their Grid Settings accordingly, for example-  setting the left container to 8 and the right one to 4.
  • CAs should note that whenever Side Rail component is to be added on a page, it should be added inside a Container component and that Container component should have the Sidebar paint bucket setting selected.

Content Author Notes


AAG Generic One Column Page Type: