AAG Base Page Type

Developer Notes

  • AAG Base Page is AAG Page template which is the base page template for AAG website.
  • It is located here - /sitecore/templates/Project/EH/AAG/AAG Page.
  • It inherits Base Page Template for all the standard fields and custom meta data fields.
  • AAG One Column Page template is based on AAG Page.
  • This template is available as an insert option on the AAG website

Content Author Notes

1. To create a page with the base page template, open up the content tree

2. Right click where you would like to place the page. Hint: If you want the page to be placed under the main Home Page, right click the home page. Click insert and select base page template 

2. Name the page. This will determine the page URL path as well. 

3. Base page template has no components built in. Authors will need to add the primary navigation, main content and footer. 

It is recommended that authors start with the Generic One Column Page template 


AAG Base Page Type:

  • See Dev Notes