An Alliance for Addiction Research

Transforming Addiction Care

The Addiction Alliance of Georgia recognizes the need for new methods and tools for tomorrow and is working to change the way the world sees and responds to the disease of addiction. We are leading investigative research to inform better ways to treat addiction by harnessing the combined expertise of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and Emory University and its healthcare system. Our research team is analyzing initial outcomes data, launching grant-funded prospective research studies, and disseminating translatable findings to the public.

Research For Impact

Teletherapy works! The AAG published a research paper demonstrating that virtual outpatient care (teletherapy) for substance use disorders is a feasible alternative to in-person-only programs. Because of these findings, addiction providers may be able to expand our reach to more patients and prevent interruptions in treatment.
AAG researchers are ensuring that education programs are highly effective in increasing knowledge, are scalable, and reach across the state of Georgia.

Collaborating for innovation and implementation

By collaborating both within and outside of our organizations, we are poised to leverage research that drives novel approaches to addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery.
BARR Center (Building Assets, Reducing Risks) and the Addiction Alliance of Georgia — a unique collaboration between Emory Healthcare and Hazelden Betty Ford — are excited...
Aiming to halt addiction, improve recovery rates and save lives, Emory and Hazelden confirmed about $1 million in donations and commitments toward...
The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and Emory Healthcare are joining forces to create a new addiction and recovery resource: The Addiction Alliance of Georgia.

Opportunities for Collaboration

We are focused on increasing accessibility, looking at public health trends in Georgia.
If you are interested in collaborating in research with us in Georgia, contact Dr. Judy Chartrand