AAG Title Hero

AAG Title Hero

Developer Notes

  • The component resides inside the EH Page Content tab in the Toolbox by the name EH Hero Banner and the variant name is Page Title Hero.
  • This variant will be predominantly used on Admissions Page.
  • Applicable fields for this variant are: 
    • Title: field to add title, displayed on the hero banner in H1 heading option.
  • An example of the component is shown HERE

Content Author Notes

1. Majority of pages will have a placeholder for a Hero. Once you open Experience Editor (EE), click add component icon at the top left of the page. In the container, click "Add Here". 

2. Select Rendering "EH Hero Banner" under EH Page Content

3. Create Data Source if needed. Majority of page templates will already have a data source created for the hero banner - "Base Hero" 

4. Select Variant "Title Hero

5. Enter Content.

Notes: Title is a RTE field. It will automatically default to H1.

6. Save and publish changes. 



AAG Title Hero:

  • The AAG Title Hero is a variant of the base hero and will predominantly be used on the Admissions page
  • The CA should be able to edit the following:
    • Background Image (not used here)
  • The CA should be able to use the paint bucket option for:
  • Title and eyebrow are positioned left
  • For styling see live site


  • Content is stacked