CTA Banner

Emory Healthcare and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Join Forces to Create the Addiction Alliance of Georgia.

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Developer Notes

  • The component resides inside the EH Page Content tab in the Toolbox by the name EH Promo.
  • Applicable fields of EH Promo item:
    • Title: RTE- not applicable in AAG
    • Body: RTE field to body. CTA links: can be added through Bodyfield from RTE snippet:
      • CTA Link - to create Click to Action link
      • Click to Call link - to create a clickable telephone link
    • Link: Link- not applicable in AAG
    • Image: Image- not applicable in AAG
  • EH Promo has one variant - CTA Banner.
  • The component has white background color by default. It's best to be placed in Section Container or Container with darker background color.

Content Author Notes

1. Add a Section Container to the page. This will apply the full gradient background and be responsible for controlling the horizontal width (or indentation) for the CTA Banner.

2. Once the Section Container is added. Open up Paint Bucket for the Section Container and apply accent, update section container size & apply Full Gradient background. 

Hint: Ensure you "Design" view enabled. These settings are located in the View Tab on the ribbon.  


3. Save changes.

4. Add component to the container

5. Under EH Page Content. You will select EH Promo

6. Create a data source. Data sources can be local or shared. Governance: 10+ pages are utilizing the component/data source - data source should be global. 

7. Update Variant to CTA Banner

8. Content will be added to the Rich Text Editor. Content Authors can updated heading styles, add images, links, and code snippets in RTE. 

9. You will be able to insert CTA links such as "Donate Now" with a code snippet. Note: Once the code snippet is placed, if it is not Donate Now or the common Click To Call. Content Authors will need to go in and add the ahref link and text in "HTML" tab located in RTE.

10. Save and publish changes. 


AAG CTA Banner:

  • The AAG CTA banner will be a variant of the EH Promo CTA Banner.
  • The AAG CTA Banner Promo should contain the following fields:
    • Body (RTE)
  • The CA should be able to adjust the length and width of the banner using Paint bucket.
  • Eyebrow is center aligned.
  • CTA link will be added using an RTE snippet.
  • The CA should be able to apply a button or click to call link.
  • The CA should have the ability to change the content.
  • Upon hover of CTA the arrow extends, and the text color changes.
  • For styling please see Admissions Page and Home Page
  • This component must follow accessibility standards for Alt text and keyboard navigation


  • Content is stacked.